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Mooring Badija

Currently no berths available
Mooring Badija
Trg Petra Šegedina 7
20260 Korčula
Latitude : 42° 56' 59" Longitude : 17° 9' 45"
Anzahl der Bootsliegeplätze : 0
mobile: +38520715241
email: zlu.korcula@hi.t-com.hr
Badija mooring is located between the island of Badija in the north of Korcula to the west and Planjak to the south. Mooring is protected from north and western winds. The bottom is sandy and holds anchor well. On the island of Badija is a Franciscan monastery from the 14th century. Before the monastery is a small pier where there is space for mooring two boats. Water depth 1-5m.

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