Restoran No stress Split

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Iza lože 9
21000 Split

If you wish to feel Mediterranean, understand that world and its way of thinking you have to go out to a street or a square, rest comfortably in one point at shadow holding a glass of something cold and refreshing watching people passing by

 Due to the great number of days with sunshine most part of the year is spent at open space and this climate fact is crucial for understanding the mentality. Everything is exposed to other people's eye, you cannot hide, gossips and news do travel fast by warm air. At the first instance this might come as a surprise to you or even embarrass you. If you are coming from some cold northern country where life is more restrained and quite you would need certain time to adapt to this presumptuous, noisy, indiscreet society.

Nothing to worry about, though. Relax. NoStress is our message coming from the very name of our restaurant. Nothing bad can happen to you here. Though we here talk louder that it would normally be polite we are completely benevolent and are glad you came. Sit with no hesitation here at the central city square and you will have the best view to all goings-on. Mediterranean cities are somewhat similar to theatres, rich and poor are passing by each other, respectable and unsightly, powerful and powerless, wise men and fools and this place here, NoStress is the ceremonial lodge of that cheerful theatre. After a glass or two of some excellent Croatian wine you will be taken by the warm and relaxed atmosphere and you might wish to take part yourself. You shall enter our world naturally and easy, assimilating easy with friendly atmosphere forgetting being a guest at all. You will feel as if you have always been living with these people that welcome you so ingenuously and with open heart and at the end of the evening you will unwillingly stand up and leave.

Ponedjeljak - Četvrtak / Monday - Thursday:07:00 am - 01:00 am 
Petak - Subota / Friday - Saturday:07:00 am - 02:00 am 
Nedjelja / Sunday:07:00 am - 01:00 am