Dry marina Sukošan

email: bozo.vujevic@zd.t-com.hr
mobile: 00 385 (0)98 332 003
phone: 00 385 (0)23 394 091
Dr. Franje TuńĎmana 3
23206 Sukošan

To our client we provide custom services, a dry dok for boats. Also we offer our clients sea place for a yearly or season rent. 

We are located 7km from Zadar in small turistic place named Sukošan. At the main road, just across the sea and Marina Dalmacija.

Area is under 24h supervision, so all the boats are safe. 

On your request, we will do all of preparation for you.

We are inviting you to join us at the heart of the Adriatic Coast. Welcome!