15 JUN

Dalmatiner MTB Maraton

Jun 15 2019


Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2019 is heading south to sunny Dalmatia, to Vodice for MTB Marathon named Dalmatiner. This is a new race in 2019. 
Vodice has been well known among mountain bikers for a long time. Well indented coastline, which in this part of Dalmatia doesn't descend to the sea as it does in other parts, has formed the landscape of scattered limestone hills covered with mostly low coniferous vegetation.
The shore is here overflowed by paths, trakways and macadam.
These macadam roads will lead you to olive trees, pastures, maybe even a vineyard. 
There are no epic uphill and downhill paths, but you'll feel playful, going up and down all the time.
That's why Vodice has a strong MTB scene. And it's full of champions. 
And believe us - when you come to Vodice for a race, you'll feel like a part of the world MTB elite. There are three paths - Epic, Classic and Easy. Which one of them you'll ride you'll decide on race day. 
The number of participants is limited, so you'd better rush to book your spot at the start line.