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Marina Dalmacija

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Marina Dalmacija
Ul. Elizabete Kotromanić 11
23000 Zadar
Latitude : 44° 6' 48" Longitude : 15° 13' 41"
Total number of berths : 1200
phone: +385 (0)23 20 03 00
fax: +385 (0)23 20 03 33
Marina Dalmacija has 1200 berths, all have the service facilities you would expect of a modern yacht harbour.

Marina Dalmacija has 1200 berths, all have the service facilities you would expect of a modern yacht harbour. There are an additional 500 dry berths. Jetties 1-15 are reserved for charter yachts. Mega-yachts moor at the artificial peninsula right at the entrance. Furthermore, the marina provides buoys in the southern bay.

The six separate sanitary facilities are easy to reach from all of the jetties. However, on the days the crews change they can get very full and the hot water can run out.

The prices at the fuel station north of the entrance are pretty high and you should check exactly what the fuel gauge is before and after refuelling, as sometimes irregularities can occur. You will also have to expect longer waiting times at the weekends when the charter yachts are returned.

Marina Dalmacija has plenty of parking spaces and even has a few garage spaces.

Shopping in Sukošan
There is a food store right next to the office building in the marina and a chandler in close vicinity. In town, which is within waking distance, there are more stores where you can buy any provisions you may need. There are several small shops, bakeries and a butcher's shop as well as a small market, which sells fruit and vegetables as well as fresh fish.

Food and leisure in Sukošan
The four restaurants and cafés belonging to the marina are distributed around the entire complex and have many guests especially on the days the charter crews arrive or depart. Numerous restaurants, pizzerias and taverns in town are a good alternative. 

In the alleys in the old village you will find many historical places of interest. In the area surrounding Sukošan there are a number of leisure and sports activities available. The beach within the artificial island in Marina Dalmacija is perfect for swimming.

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Crane Mobile crane Workshop Gas station Electricity Water Parking Store Restaurant Café Shower WC Weather forecast Laundry room Wifi
Daily rental: All prices
Wind protection
Max boat length
40 m
Sea depth
From 1 m to 8.5 m
Berthing assistance