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Marina Veli Rat

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Marina Veli Rat

23287 Veli Rat
Latitude : 44° 8' 29" Longitude : 14° 51' 7"
Total number of berths : 110
mobile: +385 (0)91 28 00 033
fax: +385 (0)23 38 50 63
Marina Veli Rat is located at the southern entry to Čuna Bay on the island of Dugi Otok in North Dalmatia. The island is a part of the Zadar archipelago and is therefore an ideal starting point for sailing trips through these groups of islands or even the the Kornati nearby.

Marina Veli Rat is open all year round. Its floating jetties have 100 berths where you can tie up with mooring lines. When a north wind blows, however, it can become quite rough on the outside of the jetties. Electricity and water are only available for approx. three hours in the mornings and evenings and you have to buy token coins from the harbour master to use them.

The sanitary facilities are in the building built in 2007 right next to the harbour master's office. They are very narrow but otherwise clean and well-kept. Behind the building, along the access road, there are few parking spaces where fees apply.

Shopping in Veli Rat
Veli Rat only has a small food store with a limited range of products.

Food and leisure in Veli Rat
Near Marina Veli Rat there is a restaurant that mainly serves Italian and Croatian cuisine as well as seafood, and a konoba where you can eat on a vine-covered terrace.

In the village of Verunic, on the northern side of the bay opposite the marina, there are two more restaurants. Guests at the “DM” restaurant can use the small mole for boats with a maximum water depth of 1.2m.

A special highlight is the lighthouse some 5 km north-west of the yacht harbour. It will take you approx. 1 hour on foot or borrow a bike at the marina to get there quicker. The lighthouse was built in 1894 and being 41m high it is the highest lighthouse on the Adriatic coast. Apparently, the egg whites of 100.000 eggs were added to the concrete mixture to make the walls more resistant to the wind and the sea.

The wreck of an Italian tanker stranded in 1984 lies in front of the entry to Pantera Bay and some of it protrudes from the sea.

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Daily rental: All prices
Swells from
Sea depth
From 2 m to 4 m
The approach to Čuna Bay is not that easy and visitors unfamiliar with the area are recommended to only enter during the day, in spite of the light signal. In Pantera bay, just in front, boats need to sail around the the green-lit buoy to the south. There are a few mooring buoys here as well as in Čuna Bay.