Nature park Učka

Amongst the main attractions of Učka are the unique limestone formations in the area of Vrana and at the very top of Učka, where an old tower is erected. Mountaineers like to be photographed next to this tower. From the summit of the mountain there are unforgettable views of the nearby islands and Opatija Riviera. Opatija owes its refreshing evenings to the shelter afforded by the lush forests of Učka. Učka’s peaks are frequently bathed in sunshine whilst its slopes are often blanketed in fog. This creates a special atmosphere. Walkers and mountaineers visiting Učka in mid-summer can enjoy it in all its beauty, whether through the refreshing wooded parts or along the mountain’s wind-swept ridge. Numerous other features of interest are found there, such as caves and chapels, which provide shelter in inclement weather. The most courageous visitors like to take advantage of the favourable air currents and use the top of Učka as a launch pad for paragliding.

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