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Marina Punat

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Marina Punat
Puntica 7
51521 Punat
Latitude : 45° 1' 44" Longitude : 14° 37' 44"
Numero totale di posti barca : 850
phone: +385 (0)51 65 41 11
fax: +385 (0)51 65 41 10
Marina Punat developed almost 40 years ago from a rich shipbuilding tradition.

Marina Punat developed almost 40 years ago from a rich shipbuilding tradition. In most cases marinas are referred to in figures and statistics. As not every berth can be called a marina, not every marina can proudly be named the center of nautical tourism in Croatia. Marina Punat is specific for one reason – its quality is confirmed by experienced seamen, and that is why it carries such a prestigious title.

The first sailor, with whom the birth of the marina is related, was William R. Nesher. Back in 1962 the Punat shipyard was recommended to him on a fair in Zagreb as an excellent place to build wooden boats. The experienced sailor took the advice and three boats were built, symbolically named A,B, and C. Those boats were the first foreign boats left for safekeeping in Croatia. Mr. Nesher, the American with residence in Germany became the first, and to the end of his life in 2004, ongoing guest of Marina Punat. Neither he, nor the workers who gathered on the day of the birth on March 13th 1964 could have imagined their work to become a genuine nautical pearl in Croatia.

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Wind protection
Swells from
Max boat length
40 m
Sea depth
From 1.5 m to 4 m
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